Is Your Whey Worth a Damn? 

by Sam Biesack, MS, CSCS


At A Glance

  • Whey protein is the standard due to its impressive amino acid profile and leucine concentration. 
  • Whey protein provides a convenient and straightforward way to hit higher protein intake goals.
  • Studies suggest that whey protein can help you control your appetite, making weight loss, and management a bit easier (1). 
  • I AM SUPPLEMENT's Whey Protein is also fortified with Prohydrolase enzymes to improve digestion and absorption. 

Ask any athlete to name the most popular supplements, and there's a good chance whey protein will be amongst those mentioned. That's because whey protein is one of the most widely used and investigated supplements known to man.

So I spoke with I AM SUPPLEMENT CEO, Brandon Mancine, to gain an insider's understanding of what sets I AM SUPPLEMENT's Whey Protein apart from the rest: 

"Look, there are many protein powder options, but it was hard to find one that sat right with me. With cheap production standards and clear financial motivation, many of those options don't taste good, let alone mix well. And way too many options on the market aren't even a complete protein. Plus, far too often the manufacturers use whey concentrate, which causes bloating and gas that makes you uncomfortable. With our whey, I wanted to address these issues. 

Since whey isolate is our only protein source, even lactose intolerant people can benefit. Plus, we added clinically tested Prohydrolase enzymes to take absorption and digestibility a step further. That’s on top of providing 26g per serving and maintaining GMP standards.  

The goal was to never look elsewhere for whey protein, and I'd like to think we've achieved it."

With years of research behind it and a market demanding whey protein, there's little reason to look elsewhere to boost daily protein intake. 

Why You Want Whey Protein

If one thing is for sure, whey protein is the gold standard in protein supplements, and that's because of whey’s amino acid profile. 

In nature, nearly 500 different amino acids exist, but for building muscle, we need 20, and 9 are considered essential amino acids (EAAs). They're essential because the body can not produce them on its own. Any protein source that contains all 9 EAAs is referred to as a "complete protein". 

In fact, whey isolate contains high concentrations of each of these 20 amino acids, making it one of the most cost-effective protein sources available (2, 3). 

But whey also contains a high concentration of one amino acid in particular - leucine. 

Leucine is one of those 9 amino acids considered essential and needed to build muscle, but it's also one of the most important. That's because leucine is the trigger for the body to turn on protein synthesis - the process behind muscle growth (4). 

Ultimately, whey's impressive amino profile, high leucine concentration, and convenience make it the athlete's choice. 

Whey Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery

As an athlete, you know how essential daily protein is. In fact, the scientific consensus suggests that athletes training rigorously need anywhere between 0.8 and 1 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass each day to maximize gains (5). 

For most of us, consuming such high amounts of protein through whole-foods isn't easy. With busy schedules and higher priorities, eating enough protein has never been more challenging. 

That's where whey comes in. 

As a powder, whey is incredibly portable and convenient. Whether you need to boost a meal or prep for a workout, I AM SUPPLEMENT'S Whey Protein makes hitting those protein goals a breeze. 

Whey Helps You Stay On Track With Nutrition

Supporting and maintaining a healthy body weight often comes down to managing appetite. If you're not hungry, you're less likely to binge or overeat. As it turns out, whey protein can help. 

Just consider a 2010 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Over four testing sessions, 20 lean men were given one of four protein drinks. Each drink contained 50 grams of protein from sources including whey, tuna, egg, and turkey. Four hours after consuming their shake, participants had unlimited access to a buffet (1). 

The test: to determine which protein source best helped the participants control their appetite when given unlimited access to food. 

Compared to egg, turkey, and tuna, the whey drink helped participants consume significantly fewer calories at the buffet. Impressively, consuming whey reduced calorie intake by almost 140 calories on average compared to sourcing protein from egg (1). 

Simply put, using whey can encourage better control over food intake, helping you stick to your nutrition plan with ease. 

Whey Is Versatile

Whey might be the muscle-building standard, but it's also an incredibly versatile way to boost lackluster meals and to snack like an athlete. 

Because our whey mixes easily and tastes great, you can get creative, adding it to smoothies and even some baked goods. Or, experiment by adding your whey to desserts and just about anything that could use a protein and flavor boost. 

What You Get With I AM SUPPLEMENT'S Whey Protein

At I AM SUPPLEMENT, we care just as much about what goes in your body as our own. Rest assured, we went the extra mile to ensure our whey protein lives up to your standards, the same as our own.

Quality Whey Protein Isolate

I AM SUPPLEMENT's Whey Protein contains only high-quality whey isolate. Through ultra-filtration, most lactose is removed from isolates, making it a practical option for lactose intolerance and those needing a low-carb option (6). 

Easy To Mix

We don't like protein supplements that don't mix either. So we formulated a whey protein powder that blends well and goes down smooth every time. 

Fortified with Prohydrolase

I AM SUPPLEMENT’s Whey Protein comes fortified with clinically proven Prohydrolase enzymes to encourage greater and more rapid absorption, while limiting discomfort so often associated with whey (6, 7, 8).

26 Grams of Protein Per Scoop

Whey protein is convenient, but only if it provides enough protein to support growth and recovery. That's why our protein has one of the highest protein counts per serving at 26g - enough to support muscle growth and recovery for just about everyone! (9, 10, 11). 

No Artificial Sweeteners

The jury is still out on artificial sweeteners, so we opted for the natural route. Our whey protein is sweetened naturally with Stevia and Monk Fruit. It's as real as you can get. 

GMP Certified

As with all our products, I AM SUPPLEMENT's Whey Protein proudly displays our commitment to maintaining GMP certification. 

Sam Biesack MS, CSCS
I write about health, exercise, and nutrition science so you can make informed decisions to live your best life. You can read more at 



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